How To Setting Mode

Digital camera technology is a product that revolutionized photography techniques. With a digital camera that anyone can be a photographer & produce good pictures. One important difference between digital cameras & analog cameras is the presence of 'intelligence' that is embedded in a digital camera in the form of 'programs scene' and full-automatic mode.
Shooting mode is set from a dial, for example as follows:

There are several shooting modes that can be seen on the dial above, namely:
  •      Full-automatic mode is marked with a green box or writing AUTO
  •      Semi-automatic mode is marked with the code P, Av (A), Tv (S) and scene programs are marked with pictures
  •      Full-manual mode is marked with the code M

Every digital SLR camera has all the fashion, while & prosumer compact camera has a variety of features that are different from one another bunch. Full-manual mode you may not find in a pocket camera, but that does not mean that the camera can not produce good photographs.